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McLarin Management
Silver Springs HOA Property Manager

For questions and issues concerning Silver Springs HOA, please contact our property manager: 

Silver Springs HOA

McLarin Management

P.O. Box 13058

Mill Creek, WA  98082


(email is preferred)

Send website/newsletter submissions via email to the website manager at

Want to Contribute?

  • Have an interesting tidbit or tip you'd like to share?
  • Want to submit an essay or recipe?
  • Want to inform your neighbors of a community event?
  • Are you a budding photographer yearning to see your images published?

Send us your short original essay or article - or share something in the public domain or authored by another person, with their permission. By submitting a piece, you warrant that you have permission to share it and that Silver Springs HOA has permission to post it now or in the future.  You may withdraw your permission at any time for unpublished material already submitted.  Please offer items of general interest and unlikely to offend.  

We also accept event postings for the larger Seattle area.  Items such as art fairs, lectures, park activities, etc. are wonderful to share with your Silver Springs neighbors - just remember that we only update the contents of this site about every two months, so make sure to submit events early enough to allow us to include them.  Feel free to also post the event in the Out and About Forum.

Send your submissions to  Be sure to include your full name, phone, email address, and street address with each entry.  We only accept digital submissions.  Silver Springs HOA website maintenance and updating is managed by the Board of Directors.  Please do not send submissions to the Property Manager. 

We do not accept material that promotes community members' businesses.  For promotions of that type or for classified ads, please use this site's Forum.

We may not be able to publish your submission for a variety of reasons and are unable to respond to each contribution with publication dates or reasons for non-publication.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Residents may copy and distribute any content from this site that is not protected by copyright laws.

    Silver Springs

   Bothell, Washington

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